Hunter Rifle

The Hunter Rifle Discipline is all about competing with the rifles you use for hunting, whether it is big game, varmints, or squirrels. There are classes for each: Deer Class, Varmint Class and Squirrel Class. Within the Squirrel class there are divisions based on the type of rifle being used – factory or custom

We shoot off the bench, meaning a front and rear rest may be used. All classes are shot at 100 yards, except the squirrel class, which is shot at 50 yards.

Equipment rules are as follows:

  • Deer Rifle: Minimum caliber is .243. Max scope power is 12X.
  • Varmint Rifle: Anything goes, but no custom rifles like those found in bench rest competition.
  • Factory Squirrel Rifle: Most any .22 rim fire, no scope restrictions. Included in the squirrel class would be the .17HMR, but it would be shot at 100 yards rather than 50 yards.
  • Custom Squirrel Rifle:  As above but can be customized.

First Saturday of every month | 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM | Rifle Range