Five-Stand is a compact version of Sporting Clays. Instead of stations spread across several acres, five stations or “stands” are lined up next to each other in a covered pavilion. At ARPC, eight target throwers or “traps” are positioned at various locations around and in front of the stands. These include 6 conventional traps, one “rabbit” trap and one “wobble” trap. Participants shoot in turn at each of the five stands as various combination of targets are thrown from these traps.

Arnold Rifle and Pistol Club has one of the finest Five-Stand facilities you will find anywhere, with a covered shooting pavilion to keep you out of the weather, seating for shooters and spectators, and a very challenging course.

If you enjoy the shotguns sports, you need to give Five-Stand a try. We offer training immediately prior to the monthly match to show you how to set up the machines, go over the rules, and use of the remote control that runs the traps. We have an annual league that runs eight weeks, as well as matches periodically throughout the year. Or get a group together and come out to sharpen your hunting skills or just have a good time.

Second Saturday of every month | 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM | Five-Stand Range | MEMBERS ONLY