F-Class matches involves extreme precision rifle shooting with shooters divided into classes based on the rifle being used and using front rests or bipods. The matches at ARPC are modified somewhat from true NRA F-Class matches to make if fun and attractive for a wider variety of shooters. As one example, our matches allow for shooters to shoot from a bench if they like, whereas “true” F-Class matches are only shot from the prone position. Our F-Class matches are shot at 400 yards with targets sized to simulate the conventional 600-yard distance.

Our F-Class matches are scored using an electronic system called a “ShotMarker” which uses sensitive microphones to pinpoint the point of impact for each bullet and transmit that information back to the shooter’s position where it is displayed, almost instantaneously, on an iPad or similar tablet, or even on a phone. Accuracy of the ShotMarker is down to 2mm! Using electronic scoring makes the match move faster, allowing a large group of shooters to complete a match in a fairly short time

First Saturday of every month | 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM | Upper Rifle Range
MEMBERS & VISITORS – Visitors must email the program director in advance for a gate code