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    Michael A. Bauer

    POF-USA P308 Gen 4 AR10 $1500

    This is an AR10 in .308 Winchester/7.62 NATO

    Patriot Ordinance Factory – USA P308 Gen4 with 16.5-inch barrel

    This sale includes the following 3 items:

    • One Patriot Ordinance Factory – USA P308 Gen4 in .308/Win with a 16.5-inch barrel
    • The original hardcase, manual, and box
    • A set of three 20 round magazines and one 25 round magazine

    I purchased the rifle new in box June of 2016. My range notebook lists the round count at 697. This firearm was cleaned and oiled after every use and once yearly even if it wasn’t fired. I always cleaned the barrel with the nylon coated JDewey cleaning rods to keep the bore in excellent condition. The firearm is in very good condition and was used gently, but does have minor scuffs and scratches from normal range use.

    This 4<sup>th</sup> generation of POF AR10s have several upgraded features when compared to standard AR10s. This particular model, the P308, is no longer in production, but the link below shows a similar model with a lot of the same features. The new revolution model is very similar to the previous P308 model. For details about POF AR10s please see the link below:


    In my hands, firing Federal Gold Medal Match 175 grain Sierra Match King or the Federal Gold Medal Match 168 grain Sierra Match King, the gun was consistently a 1.5 Minute of Angle shooter at 100 yards with 3 shot groups. It’s not bolt gun accurate, but it does a great job for a lightweight carbine format semiauto.

    This rifle is offered as is for a cash only sale.  A bill of sale must be signed by both parties. This rifle is offered for sale to members of the Arnold Rifle and Pistol Club with the exchange to be conducted on ARPC property.

    For photos or additional information about this specific example please email Mike Bauer at:


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