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    Matthew Crowe

    Champion VT-60 Safe  $2,950

    Custom Build, Ivory Gloss with S&G Lock

    Call or Text Matt for photos/details (314) 363-4211.

    I can connect you with a person at the Champion Safe Company St. Louis dealer center who can make a professional delivery to your home.
    <h3 id=”hProductDetailsTitle” class=”title”>Product Details</h3>

    The Victory Series offers excellent security, fire protection, and quality at an attractive price. The Victory’s body is formed from 12-gauge American-made steel with a reinforced Double-Steel Door Casement™. Its door is constructed from two full layers of steel with a precision four-way active boltworks. Other features include: clutch-driven mechanism, complete door defense systems, and Champion’s Bolt-Detent™ system. Its 1400°F 60-minute fire rating is unmatched in its price range. After careful examination, you’ll find the Victory Series surpasses all other safes in its class. In fact, you’ll find it superior to most higher-priced products on the market.

    Champion Safes and Gun Safes offer customers the best value on the market.
    From our premier Crown Series gun safes to our sturdy Model T Gun Safe Series, each gun safe is built to outperform its closest competitor in price and quality from Champion Safes.

    In today’s marketplace, not all gun safes are built equal. The security offered by cheap, lightweight gun safes is often little more than illusion. Deceptive-looking gun safes lull many buyers into a false sense of security.

    Remember in the old movies how the bank robbers used dynamite to blow up safes? Those were heavy, tough safes – too tough to break into using conventional tools. Unfortunately, dynamite is no longer needed to enter many of today’s lightweight home safes – all a thief needs is a couple of large screwdrivers. Champion still builds gun safes the old way: heavy and tough! Our gun safes are built up to a standard, not down to a price. In fact, our gun safes are the heaviest, strongest, toughest safes on the market.


    Up to Two-Inch Thick Composite Walls

    12-Gauge Steel Walls

    Up to Three Layers of Fire Insulation

    Double-Steel Door Casement™

    High-Security Door

    4″ Thick Double Plate Steel Door

    12-Gauge Outer Steel, Full 14-Gauge Inner

    7/16″ Reinforced Door Edge

    Internal Ball-Bearing Hinges

    Two Layers of Fire Insulation

    Three-Spoke Handle with Slip Clutch


    Four-Way Active Boltworks

    Up to 12, 1’’-Diameter Door Bolts

    Bolt-Detent™ System

    Roughneck™ Bolt Guides

    Lock Protection

    Sargent & Greenleaf® Group II Dial Lock

    Diamond-Embedded Armor Plate™


    Plush Velour Interior



    Phoenix™ Class II Fire Protection

    Tested in an ASME Certified Facility

    UL® Security Rating

    Lifetime Warranty

    For further reference, the comparably equipped, smaller VT-45  currently retails for $4,100:

    Victory | Champion Series | Champion Safe Co.


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